Friday, July 2, 2010



Here is a journal in another form - a scroll. I saw this idea in Cloth, Paper, Scissor Magazine and thought "how cool is that." It was fairly simple to make, especially since I had some canvas on hand. I used a 4" x 10" piece of canvas. It was left over from our Civil War re-enacting days so I'm not sure where I got it (maybe at Joanns). I used my Caran Neocolor II watercolor crayons to color the front and back. I took gel medium (Liquidtex) and smeared it all over with my fingers, but you could use a brush, and blended the colors together. After the first side was dry, I flipped it and repeated. I think you could also use acrylic paints especially if you added a bit of gel medium to make the paint glide better.

I then chose a front and used a dolphin stamp followed by some white acrylic paint on bubble wrap. For the inside papers, I used some off white paper that I had ripped out of another journal project I'm working on. I wanted some text pages. I pulled some out of my Book of English Prose that I got at the library sale. I coated with some gesso to tone down the text. I rubbed some ink pad on the edges of the pages for a bit of color. Using gel medium to fasten, I added the pages by beginning on the right hand side, running some medium down the edge and pressing. I layered the ten pages working right side out to the left side. To finish, I hand sewed some ribbon to tie it closed when it is rolled up.

I have two more canvases painted and drying. One is oranges/yellow/reds and the second in purple and black. I'm going to use these to record our summer vacations - we have four mini ones planned. I think they will look super cute rolled up in some kind of holder, available to unroll and relive our adventures over the summer.

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  1. Super awesome! I love unique ways of capturing memories.