Monday, June 8, 2009


I didn't know complex doodling had a name, but it does. Zentangles. I have been doing a version of this for years in notebooks, on napkins, on my church bulletin (during the message)... Now I can show it off as an art form. Here are three ATCs for an upcoming swap. All were done in super fine PITT markers. Grab a pen and try one, it is addictive!


I decided to try some inchies - 1" x 1" mini works of art. I was actually very put off with working in such a small space. I stared these tiny pieces of paper for weeks before I made a mark. Once I started, I relaxed. I like the two circles with zentangle backgrounds. The three squares were quick, hand drawn pictures. The sea turtle and fish are mounted on a background of painted aluminum foil. I found a blog that offers an inchie challenge every Saturday. I may give it a try for a few weeks.