Monday, November 23, 2009

Affirmation Cards

These five cards are for my Affirmation Card Swap. The idea was to create five different affirmations. They get sent to the hostess and I get, in return, four more sets of five cards. If you want me to do the math, I'll finish with 25 inspirational cards. This was difficult for me because I am an act of service person, not words of affirmation, but once I got going, I found I am looking forward to receiving the returns. I was so inspired that I am making my mom-in-law a set of affirmation cards for Christmas with Bible verses. I played around with art paste and oil pastels for those - photos in the near future.

The cards were all done in craft acrylics. I added some gel medium to help the paint spread better. My copy of "Grateful" pictured here ran a bit when I applied the gel medium to seal it. The scan didn't turn out well - two of the girls have pink hair.
I purposely kept them simple and bold because I thought it created an uplifting, happy look.

ATC Swaps

Here are a few ATCs for upcoming swaps. I have two goldfish for a partner swap. One done in fluid acrylics on an oil pastel background, the other in watercolor on paper background. The blowing wind is for "Up in the Air" done in fluids and the door is for "Doors and Windows". Colored pencil on paper. The door does open to reveal a fairy.