Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tile Necklaces

Here is the results of another altered art swap - tile necklaces. The hostess of this swap warned that they are addictive and you can see, they are! The base is a bamboo tile that has been pre-drilled. The metallic one is a piece of art paper applied with my favorite gel medium. Jewelry wire and beads are wrapped around it. The butterfly one has a tissue paper/gel medium background, butterfly image and butterfly charm. Beads trim it out. "Dream" has a tissue/gel medium background with a scrap paper word applied. It is decked out in some very sparkly beads.

So far I have made ten of these. I have a few I am wearing, my swap partner received one and my mom got one for her birthday. I have not decided what to do with the overstock yet.

Paper Mache People

My art class was making paper mache puppets for the school musical, so I decided to play around a bit and created these dolls. The base is newspaper. When the dolls were hard, I covered them in tissue paper with gel medium. Each has a heart stamp, flower hair or fun yarn hair. Their back sides have bar codes on them (not pictured).

Altered Jars

I was in an altered jar swap and kept going with it. The flower jar is a mandarin orange jar. I covered the jar in gesso, applied floral tissue paper with gel medium, added some paint details and sealed it. The lid is a piece of an antique dress collar and buttons from my collection. The jar is trimmed with ribbon, yarn and fabric beads that I made.

The sea turtle jar (sea turtles are one of my favorite animals) is done the same way as the above. I had been saving the tissue paper since 2007. It was from the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm. I purchased something in the gift shop and it was wrapped in this cool paper. I knew one day I would do something with it. The lid is trimmed with beads on 26 gauge jewelry wire.

Another Altered Spoon

Here is another altered spoon I made. The moon and stars are sculpted from Model Magic. Craft wire is wrapped around the spoon. The quote says "The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand." It is cut into small pieces and inserted into the wire along the length of the spoon.