Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadly Neglected!

Wow - four months since a posting! I need to get back into the habit of posting my art work. I have slowed down a lot in regards to swaps and my art has taken a back seat to color guard competitions, baseball, teaching, new business, housework and my newest adventure with my hubby - soap making. We will have different hand made, cold pressed soaps for sale soon (they take weeks to cure). If you are interested in natural soap, contact me to see what is available.

Here are two photos. The button fairies were for a swap I hosted on my Yahoo art group. They have hand painted faces and wings and are strung on wire with buttons. I think they are so happy and colorful! The tea pot was my contribution to a tea pot fat book recipe swap. It has a collage background with layers of paint and a hand painted mug. The recipe is on the back for my very yummy chocolate chip muffins - a favorite around here.

Our family continues to "green up" and eat better (mostly without knowing). We joined a new CSA (community supported agriculture) farm so we are looking forward to fresh veggies all summer. I'm running a craft table for the kids during the open house this weekend, at the farm, and will be teaching a journal making class next month to the member's kids. We are also hosting an art night for our small group, so I'm looking forward to see how creative they are! So even if I can't get some personal art done, I get to share what I love with others! Look for some more frequent posts!