Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Art Journal

Art Journal

I have an addiction. One to paper and journals. I just can't resist buying artful paper, hand made journals, doing handmade journal swaps, making art journals. I have a stack of writing journals on my dresser. My biggest downfall is that I tend to not write in them. All these pretty books begging for words to fill them. Ahhhh, I'm getting better.

I am starting an eight month long project - another art journal round robin. I was in one, on another art group, and got burned before - never got my journal back. I really like and trust the women in my altered art group, so I decided to join in. Robin, the hostess, sent out a 12 month, 6" x 8" calendar to each participant. We are responsible for getting the pages prepped, do a front (pictured) and back cover and one page of our own art work. The pages were a pain to cover. I tried sanding the shine off, gesso, paint... Finally I resorted to covering a bunch with different neutral papers; maps, tissue paper, paper bag. I added some gesso to tone them down. I didn't really want to influence the artist's choice on the page, but it was the only was to get them covered.

I am mailing my journal off today to the first artist that will work in it. I am waiting to receive one. We have until the 21st of each month to get two pages of art done and get it mailed to the next woman on the list. We even had an international artist participating. I'm looking forward to the project.

Meanwhile, I have three other art journals going for my personal use. One is filled with art and I am going back and writing in it. The other two are works in progress. I like to have a place to experiment with different techniques. Some pages are good and some stink, but I don't care because it is mine. It is relaxing to go down to my work room and start a background between dinner, laundry, homework, errands. It is my little oasis during a busy day!