Friday, July 10, 2009

Inchie Challenge (7/4)

Here is my entry at Small World of Inchies for the challenge entitled "By the Sea." The image is from last year's trip to the Caribbean. This is Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to. While there were no palm trees or hammocks on this beach, I thought that would make a perfect addition to the blue water and tropical breezes. My daughter is playing in the sand in the bottom right corner of the inchie.


This is my first attempt at the Japanese style of animation know as Anime or Manga. One of the main characteristics of Anime is big eyes. If doing a full figure, the bodies are drawn out of proportion with the torso being shorter and the legs longer. I did these cards in colored pencil and Pitt super fine marker. I may play around with creating a character since I prefer drawing simplified images (kid's illustrations). These girls are for an upcoming swap.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Swap for Third Grade - Fun in the Sun

O-k kids, here is the next swap - Fun in the Sun. You can do whatever comes to mind: fishing, a picnic, amusement park, swimming. However you have fun on a warm, sunny summer day. I chose the beach since my family and I just returned. It is an altered photo. I printed out a photo on copy paper, added colored pencil and drew the pail, bucket and blanket on separate paper and glued onto the photo.

If you need a re-cap of supplies, scroll down to last month's entry. Two cards will be due to me by July 22. Please include a postage stamp to cover the cost of me returning cards to you. As always, invite siblings, friends and family to play.