Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mail Art

Everyday you get your mail. Most times it is full of boring bills, ads and occasional letter - yes some people still write letters! Now image opening your box and seeing these envelopes. Much more exciting! These two envies are for a mail art swap. The fronts and backs are shown. The mermaid/fish is painted with a crayon backbround. The owls, a favorite of my daughter, is done in sharpie.

Yes, people do actually take the time to art up an envelope. I am hooked. After doing these for the swap, I painted a large padded one for my art journal round robin and started doodling on some business size ones. This is very portable and something I can work on whenever I get a few minutes. I doodle on napkins and paper, why not envelopes. Maybe your day will be brightened by one of these or try your own! I figure it at least may make a postal worker smile.