Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inchie Challenge (6/20)

This week's theme on Small World of Inchies is "Me and My Pet." My entry is my 3 month old black kitten - Mu Shu. He is our foster kitten from the PSPCA that didn't get adopted. He now has a home with us. I didn't want big cat Noah to feel left out, so I did another inchie featuring him. Both were done in watercolor, Pitt fine point marker and photo image.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Faced in Fluid Acrylics

I am in love with my fluid acrylics! I didn't know they existed until I started the round robin art journal project. Since I didn't know a whole lot about art journaling, I started doing research and watching You Tube videos on different techniques. The fluids kept coming up. After getting over the price shock, I bought a set of ten paints and have been having fun playing! They remind me of watercolors because I can alter the consistency of the paint intensity with water.

I painted these three, slightly, unrealistic faces with the fluids. The features are exaggerated and not true portrait placement (like I taught my students), but I was going for this type of look. I sketched the faces in charcoal first, then worked on blending different skin tones to give some strong shading.

Another Altered Altoid Tin

Here is another altered Altoid tin done for a swap on Altered Visions and Dreams. I did a similar fairy door for another swap earlier in the year and had started this one because I really liked it. When this swap was announced, I decided to use the tin already started, but changed the inside. My partner already received it and was very happy! I have been hung up on fairies lately and really need to work on a new theme!